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TITLE 7 Secrets About Buy Chest Freezer Uk That Nobody Will Share With You

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Why Buy a Chest Freezer?

198l-white-chest-freezer-freestanding-w82-x-d55-x-h85cm-sia-chf198wh-276.jpgIf you're looking to cut down on food waste and make the most of a bumper crop, having a chest freezer is an absolute necessity. This simple model has plenty of space and is affordable to run, and its lid that is balanced won't drop on your hand when you grab an unintentional pizza.


While not as well-known as upright freezers, chest models can be a good choice for families that require additional storage space for food. Chest freezers are typically found in basements, garages or utility rooms. They are available in different sizes, from 100 litres to 500 litres. They are top-loading, and come with a lid that opens wide to make it easy to access. A few have a basket at the top for storing smaller, less frequently used food.

The size of the freezer you choose is based on your storage needs and the number of people who live in your household. The rule of thumb is to have 2.5 cubic feet of freezer space for each person in your home It is also important to consider the amount of frozen foods you have in your freezer as well. A larger freezer is more efficient if you plan to freeze large pieces of food or bulk ingredients.

If you're more concerned about cost, we recommend the LOGIK L198CFB20 because of its exceptional value and space-saving features. It comes with a large capacity of 93 litres and is in a smart gloss black finish which makes it an ideal match for modern kitchen designs. It also has a counterbalanced top that won't hit your head when you reach for a buried pizza. It's missing some convenient features, however, such as a digital display and fast freeze function.

Energy efficiency

Often used in a garage or utility room, chest freezers offer the ideal space to store extra food, particularly for batch cooks as well as allotment holders. They are more energy efficient than upright freezers and can keep cold temperatures for longer thanks to the insulation on their sides. Additionally, they can keep their contents frozen for up to three days if they're not connected making them a good option for power outages and home moves.

We have a variety of chest freezers that are A+ evaluated for energy efficiency. We also offer frost-free models. It's important to note that these freezers usually cost some more than manual defrosted ones however they also cut down on energy consumption and produce more ice less frequently.

If you're looking to save money on your freezer's operating costs Choose a model that uses the eco-friendly refrigerant HFC-245fa. This information is available on the product's website or in the specifications of the freezer.


A chest freezer provides ample storage space to keep food in the freezer in. Unlike upright swing-door freezers that can have gaps along the door frame, chest freezers have an airtight seal that is secured across the lid. This design also helps them conserve energy and keep food at a consistent, colder temperature.

According to GE Appliances an average chest freezers amazon freezer size requires 230 kwh each year to keep its temperature stable. This is lower than the 240kwh required by the typical upright refrigerator.

The size of the freezer you select will depend on the things that you plan to keep in it. Maytag recommends 2.5 cubic feet of storage space for each household member however, some buyers may require more space than that. For example, if you hunt and plan to store your own meat in a freezer, or if you buy a lot of food in bulk, you'll need more storage space than the typical freezer.

Compact models, such as the Essentials C95CFW20 by Currys can be put into a garage or utility room which isn't heated. They're low-profile and resemble the size of a mini fridge rather than an ordinary freezer. Larger models, deep freezer Chest like the Fridgemaster MCF198 from Currys, are suitable for a kitchen, but can be more noticeable in a garage or utility room. These freezers are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to have more space, but don't want the high running costs associated with the top Deep Freezer Chest freezers.


Researchers from Finland, Norway, and the UK studied the history of domestic technology to figure out how the freezer became widespread as a domestic technology. Their research has revealed the complex process of "domestication in which the social significance of a technology is generated and configured as well as how it is used. The freezer is an everyday appliance in the home however its widespread and largely not-critical acceptance shows how intricate the process of domestication actually is.

Make sure to look for models with child locks when you purchase the chest freezer. They will stop children from climbing in and becoming trapped or suffocating. It's also important to look for a model with a front drainage system, so that any leftover water from defrosting can be easily removed. Some models come with an additional basket or two at the top of the compartment to help keep bags of frozen peas and homemade ice lollies up to date and to stop small items being thrown away in the freezer's depths.

Some freezers don't have internal lighting, making it difficult to locate what is the best chest freezer to buy you are looking for when it is dark. This may not be a big issue if you only use the freezer to shop for groceries on occasion however, it's a major issue if you plan to stockpile food items that require storage for long periods of time, or if you have young children at home who may need to search in the darkness looking for something to eat.cookology-ccfz142bk-freestanding-142-litre-capacity-chest-freezer-for-outbuildings-garages-and-sheds-features-a-refrigeration-mode-temperature-control-and-4-star-freezer-rating-in-black-243.jpg