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Medical negligence during labor and delivery can result in severe birth injuries to infants. These injuries can have a long-lasting impact on the infant as well as their families.

A successful lawsuit could help pay for future and present medical costs, loss of wages, and other damages. A successful lawsuit can take years to achieve.


Despite the amazing medical advancements however, childbirth remains a risky procedure. Both mothers and babies expect that doctors will act professionally and avoid errors that could have long-lasting consequences. If you believe that a doctor or hospital was negligent in causing the injury of your baby and/or death, you should consult a New York birth injuries lawyer to determine what legal options you have.

A successful claim for birth injuries will result in financial compensation. This can be used to pay for the medical costs of the present and future, lost wages, emotional distress, and other areas of potential damage. In certain instances juries or judges can also award punitive damages in the event of unjust conduct.

Your attorney will work in conjunction with a network of experts witnesses to analyze what happened and establish the accepted standard of care. They will review your records and analyze the actions of the medical team that was present during your birth. This will assist them to build a strong case to increase your chances of success.

Typically your lawyer will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the malpractice insurance company prior to filing a lawsuit. This is done by sending a demand packet, which includes a statement detailing your family's losses along with medical evidence that supports them. The malpractice insurer will then make an offer. If no settlement is reached, the lawsuit will go to trial.


The damages plaintiffs may be awarded are either economic (such medical bills) or non-economic (such as suffering and pain). In many cases juries award both. The amount of the damages a victim receives will be based on the degree to which the accident has affected their lives and also the evidence of the past and future losses. Some states restrict the amount of non-economic damages that juries can determine.

In order to pursue compensation, it must be proven that the defendant violated their duty of care. This is done through a combination of medical records as well as expert witness testimony and depositions. Medical experts are individuals who have been trained in a particular area of medicine. They review all evidence in the case, and testify in court if required. In cases of hillsboro birth injury lawsuit injuries, the expert will establish that the defendant's actions are not in the standards of care expected of a medical professional of similar training and experience.

In addition to medical experts, attorneys will take the depositions of anyone who has relevant information or a story to share. These are sworn, out-of-court statements that permit attorneys to question witnesses directly about what transpired. Depositions can be conducted via phone or by video conference but the majority are held in the courtroom. These discussions can be stressful and stressful however they are crucial to build a strong case and securing the highest possible compensation for clients.

Statute of limitations

Like many states, New York requires that medical malpractice claims be filed within the statute of limitations. Parents have two and a half years to file a suit following the date of a wrongdoing, omission, or failure that they believe caused their child's injuries.

Your attorney can look over the medical records of your child to determine whether any nurses or obstetricians as well as other hospital staff were involved in the birth of your child or daughter. They will seek any documents or details that relate to the injuries of your child.

Your lawyer has to prove the case of malpractice by establishing that the defendant was bound by the child a duty and failed to provide the required care under similar circumstances. To prove this, your attorney will collaborate with medical professionals to analyze the actions of the medical professional to accepted practices and procedures.

A lawyer can help identify witnesses who can testify in your case. These experts can provide valuable information about the process used by doctors to make decisions and how an error or omission caused the north canton birth Injury Law firm injuries of your child. This information can be used by your lawyer to support your compensation claim. A successful medical malpractice case involves two separate legal claims, one for the child injured and the other for their parents.

Expert Witnesses

With the right assistance, families can obtain the compensation they need to pay medical bills, lost income from absence from work as well as rehabilitative therapies and treatments as well as the costs of long-term health care. The key to winning a birth-injury claim is having the most experienced expert witnesses on your side.

They can also review evidence and offer an expert opinion on whether a medical professional has violated their duty to care by performing an act which could have caused injuries to an infant. They can simplify medical terms for a jury or judge to understand.

The role of an expert witness is to give an impartial medical opinion that reflects the current state of the art as of the date of the incident. This means that they should not exclude any relevant information to develop a view that is more favorably disposed to either the plaintiff or the defendant.

Experts should also carefully review relevant medical records and current literature to enable them to form an informed opinion. In some instances experts could be asked to provide a deposition (sworn out-of court statement). These sessions can be daunting but they are an essential part of making a case. Your attorney can help you prepare for these sessions and make sure that you are treated with respect.