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repairman-disassembling-phone-with-screwdriver.jpg?s=612x612&w=0&k=20&c=yLvQivW2k3xHOp_EO9kGFYYi9o9_ZSLhNv1fE3oF47k=Choosing whom to take your cell phone to when it needs a repair here in San Antonio may seem like an obstacle since there are so many companies offering repairs. Well, let Cellairis take the stress out of your decision because with Cellairis, you are choosing the best and most reliable service. Our cell phone repair services are of the highest quality. Our technicians are highly certified to make the simplest to the most complicated repairs to your iPhone, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy. We know that you do not have time to waste in your schedule, so we offer repairs while you wait. You can call ahead to schedule a firm appointment time, or you can walk in to your nearest Cellairis store for your repair. All of our parts and services are backed by our strong warranty because we want our customers to feel confident in choosing Cellairis as the cell phone repair company to trust in San Antonio. Call or stop by today. You can be the owner without feeling like you're all on your own. Learn about the world-class support Cellairis franchisees enjoy.

help-desk-software--conceptual-illustration.jpgPhone Repair NZ offers full Samsung repair options including screen, battery and charge port replacement options. Trusted by thousands of customers every year, Phone Repair NZ offers affordable repair options for popular mobile brands. Why Repair Your Samsung Phone? Phone Repair NZ is your locally owned and operated, independent repair shop for mobile phones and tablets. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand we offer a range of service from screen and battery replacement though to water damage and data recovery on a wide range of brands like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Huawei and Oppo. In-store we stock a collection of mobile phone cases and screen protectors along with charger cables, pre-owned phones and other accessories. What repairs can be preformed on my Samsung phone? We can replace almost everything on an iPhone. This includes screen replacement, battery replacement, logic board repair. Along with water damage assessment and repair, data recovery and new device set up. Click here to see our list of services.

My phone won't turn on, can it be repaired? Several factors can cause your mobile phone to not power on including but not limited to the battery. When a device won’t power on or indicate charging it is often best to preform an assessment to determine the cause of the issue. You can learn more about diagnostic assessment here. How much will it cost to repair my phone? Samsung repair pricing is determined by several factors such as the repair, the model and cost of replacement parts. For an estimate on your repair cost please contact us. What should I do to my phone repair places near me before getting it repaired? We recommend preforming a back up and charging up your phone before bringing it in. Most repairs such as screen, battery or charge port won’t require your data to be wiped or deleted. How long will my Samsung repair take? Most repairs only take 1-2 hours.

Longer repairs like back glass or logic board repair will take longer. You can always get in touch to find out how long your repair will take. Are you certified by Samsung? We are an independent repairer. This allows us to offer a wider range of repairs Samsung Authorised Repairers can’t offer. It also allows us to use 3rd party replacement parts to offer more affordable and quicker Samsung repairs. Do I need to make an appointment? There is no need to make a booking. Just pop in during out open hours and allow 2 hours for your repair. You can wait in-store, visit one our the many local cafes in New Brighton or pop back once its ready to collect. Check out our opening hours. Can I pay with Buy Now, Pay Later like Afterpay? Do you accept EFTPOS? Yes, we accept EFTPOS and Credit Cards. Please note credit cards incur a surcharge. Does my repair come with a warranty?

We offer a hassle-free 90-day warranty on all parts. Let us know if you are experiencing any issues, and we’ll be happy to help out. Will my broken parts be recycled? Mobile phone parts can contain harmful and dangerous materials as well as many reusable materials such as metals and glass. We use local recyclers to ensure materials from phone batteries, mobile screens and electronic devices are repurposed and hazardous materials disposed of properly. We Can Fix Most Problems! If it’s not Listed Just Ask Us! Why Choose Phone Repair NZ? We know how frustrating it can be when you’re phone just won’t work. We can quickly get it repaired so you can get back to life. We stock a wide range of iPhone, iPad and Samsung parts in-store. Other models and brands can easily and quickly be ordering in as special order parts. Just contact us if you have any questions.

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