FAQ 목록

FAQ-Answers to frequently asked questions on sports RX lenses.

FAQ 목록
Q How long is a prescription valid?
Outside of exceptions calling for annual eye exams, most prescriptions are valid for 2 years from the exam date.
Q What can I do if my prescription power is outside the available power range?
Contact our customer service representative.
Special orders, such as prescriptions with high powers, are treated case-by-case.
Our CSR will assist you with your inquiries, prescription and special requests.
Q Can I use my contact lenses prescription for my glasses?
The prescriptions for contact lens and glasses are different; therefore, a contact lens prescription cannot be used for glasses.
You will need a prescription specifically for your glasses.
Q What do I need to order prescription eyewear?
You will need a valid prescription for your glasses and your pupillary distance.
 (PD: the distance between your pupils)
Q What is the turnaround after ordering?
Majority of the RX orders take approximately 7-8 days.
Exceptions: Frame models requiring initial designing requires about 15 days.
Please note that the order commences after a finalized order and frame are received.
Q What product warranty do you provide?
All MAXtremer products come with a Warranty certificate.
Product warranty applies to all MAXtremer products you purchased from our retailer. Generally, frame brands offer 1 year warranty on manufacturer's defect. If you need a warranty on your frame, please contact our customer service representative to handle the details to process your request.
Lens warranty on manufacturer's defect is provided for one year; however, non-adapt is provided for 45 days from the date of purchase.
Warranty is valid for normal wear and tear. Scratches from misuse as well as surface crazing from prolonged exposure to heat is not covered.
Q What if I experience problems in my vision after wearing this product?
Due to SOMO's many years of experience, R&D, and technology, this would be an exceptionally rare case.
We will guarantee the product with another design system should this issue surface.
Q Can I use my old frames and only order the lenses for that frame?
If you send us your prescription and frames, we will review and confirm of its feasibility.
(Please note that we do not offer just the uncut lenses.)
Q How should I care for the lenses?
Clean the lenses with a lens cleaner or running water and gently wipe the surface of the lenses with a soft  lense cleaning cloth.  Do not expose lenses to extreme temperature fluctuation and heat.