Ordering Method

  1. STEP01 Eye exam
    STEP 01Measurement visual acuity

    Get your eyes accurately examined at your nearest Eye Care Provider.

  2. STEP02 Professional consultation
    STEP 02Professional consultation

    Visit a MAXtremer retailer with your prescription and frame. If you don't have a frame, you can pick one out at a MAXtremer retailer prior to the consultation. Based on your preference and style determined through the consultation, select the optimal lenses, color and mirror coating with an Eye Care Professional and place your lenses order.

  3. STEP03 Lens Production
    STEP 03Lenses Production

    Lenses created and customized to your order will be manufactured through MAXtremer's cutting edge technology and precision processes and get delivered to the store your order was placed.

  4. STEP04 Receive product
    STEP 04Receive product

    Visit the optical store on the date of delivery to pick up your MAXtremer sports eyewear.